Does God really exist?

Does God really exist? Before I attempt to answer that question, let us take a few things into consideration. Throughout history, everywhere in the world, we have evolved from being just about concerned for our basic needs to questioning the very purpose of our lives and existence. We evolved as much in our intellect as we did in our bodies. This process of evolution (of the mind) was met with beliefs regarding the existence of an external force that practiced control over every inch and corner of the entire universe, including us and our lives. Here lies the deeper question – Why did such a belief take form not only in the minds of humans specific to a particular race, region etc. but in the minds of our species as a whole? Probably because we all need something or someone to believe in because we fail to believe in ourselves, atleast not enough to expect miracles happening on our accord. A large number of people have turned to atheism for reasons that could range from having a distorted perception of God, thanks to religion, to believing too much in science and practicality. Now frankly, there is nothing wrong with believing that God doesn’t exist so as long as you have something that keeps your faith and hope alive. It could be absolutely anything, even destiny, luck, fate, angels, a balance of ups and downs, law of attraction and I mean anything. The reason why I say this is because Faith and Hope are the two things that keep us alive, besides of course oxygen, food, water and all of our daily necessities. It is the faith in something larger than us that keeps us believing brighter days are on their way and the small ray of hope that convinces us enough to hold on when everything seems to have hit rock bottom. Even if we consider, say, the placebo effect (the main determinant of which is the belief that we hold), we get an insight into just how powerful our beliefs can be. For my science freaks out there, the double slit experiment is proof enough of the effects of observation and belief on the end result.

Just as our bodies need food to survive, our souls feed on the slightest faith or hope that we allow it. So to answer the question that I started with- Does God really exist? I would say- Maybe. God exists for those within whom the belief of his existence illuminates faith and faith doesn’t make sense, it makes miracles. At the end of the day, all we need is an external force to believe in so as to reinforce what is already in us to make miracles happen. If  it’s God who does that for you, then there is absolutely no doubt of his existence.


Realest School Morning Routine

I woke up. It was 7 in the morning. I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head. “Rissseee anddd Shiiinnneee” I heard a familiar voice say, my mother. She drew the curtains open and my eyes suddenly closed at the sudden exposure to light. “School time.” She said and handed me a glass of milk and helped me sit up on the bed. My eyes were still closed, I was half-awake. I grabbed the glass and took a sip. I gulped down the rest of it in a hurry and then pulled the blanket on top of me again. ” 5 minutes. Please.” I said and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep. “No.” My mom said and pulled the blanket off me. “Get up. Change.” She said. “Mamma please.” I said as I struggled to grab the blanket again. “I’ll tell papa.” She said with her arms crossed. “Okay sorry. I’ll go.” I said and rolled out of the bed, on the floor, crawling towards the bathroom. My mom rolled her eyes and left. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a homeless person, as usual. I quickly changed into my oversized school clothes (so that I fit in them for two more years. Smart move, parents). Fast forward to 20 minutes and I’m walking in school with a lot of other kids in the same uniform but they’re somehow slaying it. (The grass is always greener on the other side? Definitely.) As I’m walking in the corridor, I happen to lock eyes with a teacher that I don’t really like. I fake smile at her and nod and say “Goodmorning ma’am.” She just rolls her eyes, ignoring me and continues talking to another teacher that I’m not very fond of. Well, she’ll definitely regret doing that once I’m world famous. The next teachers who I wished were kind enough to wish me back. I like them. Suddenly, someone cupped their hands around my eyes and all I saw was black. “Guess who I am.” I hear a familiar voice say and some giggles follow in the background. “Uh, I don’t know.” I say. “GUESSSS” The voice commands. “Lallu kudi” I say the first thing my very intelligent brain suggests. The hands leave my face and I turn to look at a girl whose name I don’t know because voila! We’ve only seen each other in a hall, and that was once, when I got introduced to her. Of course  I didn’t know who it was. “Yaar, you never remember me.” She said, faking disappointment and then laughing. “Arey, no. It’s not that.” I said, trying to remember what her name could be. Angelina? Jennifer? Wait. We’re Indians. Sita? Anjali? “Okay, see you later.” She said and walked away with her friends. I smiled at her and left for my class. On the way, I saw kids standing in groups, sharing inside jokes and what not. I sigh and look up to see MY group standing near the door of  our class. A happy song plays in my mind as I run towards them annnd…trip over some bag and fall on the floor, just at their feet. They laugh, holding their sides and leaning on the wall, trying to balance themselves as they continue laughing hysterically. So, my body is hurting but I can’t stop laughing at myself because this was the kind of scene that should’ve been recorded and then sent to AFV, except we’re in in India, so DVD (Dekh video dekh) which doesn’t really come on the tv anymore because it sucked big time. Anyway, they help me get back up, on my feet while they’re still replaying the scene in their minds and laughing. Retards XD. I hear some other kids snickering behind us but I ignore them. We all walk into the class and put our bags wherever we feel like because honestly, we are rebels. Just kidding. The school just reopened and none of us remember our old seats. The class teacher walked in without a warning, suddenly silencing our wild class. “Goodmorning class. Holidays over, back to studying.” She smiled, an evil one. She was definitely satisfied with her ability to spoil our mood in a second. “You don’t say.” My inner voice said. “Ma’ammm, ground.” Some boy said. “Yes, ma’am. Free period.” Said his friend as they nodded at each other. They had definitely planned saying that. “Shut up. You’re still in your holiday mood. You want to pass or no!?” She said, sounding angry. Honestly, I don’t even understand why teachers get angry early in the morning. I mean, wait till its noon or something. “You know, because I have to shout at you all everyday, my throat has developed some infection and now I’m getting an operation.” She said, sounding hurt. Isn’t that the case with all the teachers or wait, maybe that’s their way of seeking pity. Not happening. “…the doctor said I shouldn’t go to school, but I still came, for you all, so that we can complete our syllabus.” She continued, sounding even more hurt. “Nobody asked you to.” My evil inner voice said. After another 5 minutes of pity speech, she asked us to open our books. ” Okay, open book 2.” Book 2!?!? I got Book one. I looked around to see a lot of scared faces. Clearly, everyone was with me in this. Some brave soul stood up and spoke on our behalf. “Ma’am, we only got book 1.” He said. Bless this child. “What!?” She howled. “I clearly told you all to get book 2 before the holidays! You can’t forget your food but you can forget your books!?” She screamed. Okay.Firstly, That was 2 months ago and she expects us to remember that? Secondly, it’s not relevant to compare food with school books. Ever. “…who all didn’t get it?!” She screamed. I looked around to see kids standing up. Well, there goes my good impression. I stood up. Thankfully, the entire class was standing with only 2-3 kids sitting down with their book 2 open. To hell with those kids. “THIS IS MY LAST WARNING!” She said, looking at me. Wait, why was she looking at me? Everyone was in this. I looked down at my desk. Better not take chances with her. “Tomorrow, those who don’t get the right books will come with me to the principal.” She said. Who is she kidding? Like the principal has time for that. “Blah blah blah blah, sit down if you’re sorry, blah blah blah blah.” She said and everyone immediately sat down. The bell rang. I laughed because she didn’t even get to teach. “Who laughed!?” She screamed. Well, why does she care? Her lesson is over. Move on, lady. “Ma’aammm, Natalya.” Some kid said. “Natalya, meet me outside the class.” She said, giving me a death stare and walked out. “Aw hell.” I sighed.


Why should we wait?

Why should we wait,

for something to go our way,

to make us happy,

to brighten our day.


Why should we wait,

for a flattering remark,

to make us feel good,

to realize our spark.


Why should we wait,

for a better life,

to breathe fresher air,

to end today’s strife.


Why should we wait,

for attention from those,

who don’t care,

and just love who are close.


Why should we wait,

for a change to occur,

the one like we want,

so things get better.


Why should we wait,

for a new year,

to make better decisions,

to overcome our fears.


Why should we wait?

Who told us to wait?

What makes us wait?

wait wait wait wait wait wait.....

*deep feeling arouses*

wait wait wait wait wait wait….

wait wait wait wait wait wait….

Said it too many times?

Seems like it lost its meaning.

Same word in two lines,

to exaggerate the feeling.

Hope you get the idea,

Now I’m running out of time,

diarrhea diarrhea,

And also out of rhymes.




Kindness makes me happy

It was in 2013, on children’s day.

The crowd was noisy.

Loud music played in the background.

There were smiles all around.

I was having the time of my life.

My friend and I were going to buy the coupons. 

I saw a small kid crying in the crowd.

Everyone walked past him.

I was curious, so I asked.

He had lost his wallet, it had 50 bucks.

I checked my purse, I had 160.

I gave him my sixty bucks.

The day went on, It was a good day.

Before the event ended, I found myself dancing with my friends  on the dance floor.

Someone tapped my shoulder.

It was the same kid.

He handed me my sixty bucks and with a smile on his face, said that he  had found his wallet.

He said “thank you” and turned to leave.

I was standing still in the middle of a crazy dancing crowd.

The music was loud, but I heard silence inside.

I felt happy.

Not having-a-good-time-with-friends happy.

Not feasting-on-junk-food happy.

But real true happiness.

I could jump, and dance and whirl around.

Not to the  music that was playing

But to a pleasant melody that played in my heart.

And just like that, the moment was gone.

I was wild dancing again, to the music outside.

It was a good day, the day I realized “kindness” was not just an important trait to preach in value education classes.

But a key to happiness.

That day, I was happy.


I just started a blog…what!?

Hey there fellow unicorn!

Wondering what THIS is all about?

THIS is a fun place.

THIS is a place where you can be whoever you want to be. (Preferably, a unicorn.)

THIS is a place where we all can have a good laugh together.

THIS is the place where you can relieve stress after a not-so-great day.

THIS is where I share my happiest, funniest and most embarrassing moments in life with you!

THIS is where you get to share them too!


THIS was a very cliche start.

THIS is getting an annoying sentence starter.

THIS was the aim.

So lets get started!